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Nick Jevons immerses at Terminal V Festival with Chauvet Professional

For this year’s tenth edition of the Terminal V Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, which took place in April at the Royal Highland Centre, the V2 Stage (now Area V2 Stage), a mainstay of the annual EDM event since 2017, was turned into a 360-stage. The team at 19MIL, which designed the Area V2 Stage and the adjacent Terminal Stage, therefore called in Nick Jevons, lighting designer and president of Nick Jevons Designs Ltd.


Working in Depence 3, Jevons created 3D renders of his design to share his vision for the V2 Stage and the gritty industrial look of the Terminal Stage. At the Area V2 Stage, Jevons had twenty Chauvet Professional PXL Bar 16 motorized battens and sixteen Color Strike M motorized strobe/washes supplied by Marc Callaghan and his team at Liteup.


Jevons arranged the batten units around the bi-level central video screen that surrounded the DJ booth, and used the Color Strike M units to frame the video screens in the four corners of the expansive room. He also brought in Auratecture to run the Area V2 Stage.


At the Terminal stage, Jevons ran the show himself. He used twenty Colorado PXL Bar 16 to make the massive video screen stand out against a hard-edged background to create greater audience interaction. “I had ten of the PXL Bars line the top of the screen and ten line the bottom”, he says. “They were the main element of my design in this setting.”


(Photos: Chauvet Professional/Nick Jevons Designs Ltd.)




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